The Sleepy Island - Anguilla


  • Boat over to Sandy Island for a day of pure island bliss. 
  • Walk along the white powdery sands of Shoal Bay
  • Kayak or boat over to Little Bay, one of Anguilla's most iconic (and isolated) beaches. 
  • Spend a day poolside at the Viceroy
  • Party at Sandy Ground.


  • Diet in Anguilla. The food is AMAZING!

Anguilla may not be known for it's pulsing energy or crazy party scene, but instead, this tiny island makes for one of the most relaxing holidays you can imagine. Between the mouthwatering cuisine and picture perfect beaches, it'll be hard to say goodbye. 

Three days were well spent on the sleepy island, doing all things beachy. Cove Castles was our home base on the west side of the island and provided the most beautiful view of St. Maarten. The view combined with the salty ocean breeze and warm beams of sunlight, was something I definitely did not mind waking up to every day. Throw in my necessary morning chai, and I don't think I'd ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed.   

Now, somwhere between sun bathing, napping and swimming, we decided to go on an adventure and rented tiger sharks (some sort of jet ski raft) to see a bit of the island. Jet skis are NOT allowed in Anguilla so it's either this mini boat or nothing. We departed from Sandy Ground Beach and made our first stop at the infamous Little Bay, which is one of the most difficult beaches to access on the island. You can choose to kayak (conditions permitting) or take a boat over. It's a great place to spend a few hours since it's usually calm and quiet, and if you're feeling really bold, you can swim out to the oversized rock in the middle of the bay to cliff jump. 

Our next destination was Sandy Island, where nothing but a beach bar and a few hammocks occupy this tiny spec of white sand. As if being on an island in the Caribbean wasn't good enough and you need to take it one step further, get yourself to Sandy Island where pure tropical bliss awaits. Ask for Master D, he'll take great care of you!

Not in the mood to rent a tiger shark or boat? No worries! A shuttle runs from Sandy Ground Beach to Sandy Island for around $10/person return. 

Honestly, once you've spent some time on beaches and checked out the Viceroy (necessary), there's not much to do on Anguilla, which is great if you can appreciate sitting still and doing nothing. We all know laying on the beach is my jam, so this wasn't an issue for me. However, one thing you MUST do while you're on the island is eat. No questions asked. 

Restaurants to note : Coba or Sunset Lounge @ The Viceroy, Pimms, Veya, Blanchards Beach Shack (lunch). 

Trying to save some money? You'll be pleasantly surprised by the selection of food at the grocery stores. I, for one, was in gluten-free/dairy-free heaven. When it comes to finding foods that accommodate my dietary restrictions while abroad, I tend to find myself on a wild goose chase; however, I must give credit where credit is due, as the markets in Anguilla have quite the variety of things to choose from, whether you have food allergies or not. With that said, I still recommend going out to won't want to miss out! 

All in all, if you're looking for the perfect place to unwind and get in some serious island time, definitely look into Anguilla for your next trip!

If you'd prefer a more lively experience, consider going in July/August for Anguilla's Carnival.