Isle of Capri


  • Take a swim in the Blue Grotto. Make sure to go after 5pm when there are no guards. 
  • Use the funicolare to get up to Capri for an amazing view of the port.
  • Grab a drink in La Piazza
  • Get an infamous gelato at Gelateria Buonocore.
  • Spend a day (or more) soaking up the sun at La Fontelina Beach Club. (You can access this beach by foot or by boat).
  • Buy a pair of handmade Capri Sandals. 
  • Eat all the tomatoes you can!
  • Take a walk to the look out point in Faraglioni.
  • Try a shot of limoncello.
  • Hike up to Anacapri to see an amazing view of the island.


  • Take the full island boat tour. It's a waste of 18€.
  • Eat meat here as it's a 'fisherman's island.' Stick to seafood and fruits/veggies. 
  • Swim in the Blue Grotto if the sea is rough. You'll be able to tell as the cave will be under water and spewing mist. 
  • Touch the fruit at fruit stands. You'll get yelled at in Italian. You've been warned.

Ferries leave almost every hour from Naples or Sorrento. If you're on a time crunch, make sure to book your ferry ticket in advance. Book online HERE



Arriving to Capri and trying to avoid unnecessary expenses (aka a taxi), I decided it was best to walk up to the Hotel Mamela from the port. What I didn't know prior to climbing 3,000 stairs was there is a efficient funicolare (funicular) that takes people from the port to the middle of Capri. Rookie mistake, but at least I got a good bum workout? 

We finally made it to the hotel, checked in, jumped in the pool, then headed to La Fontelina to lounge by the beach all day. First off the food here is amazing. Go here even if you're not a beach person. Be warned that it's about a 20 minute hike down to this beach and the path can be slippery! You can also access La Fontelina by boat, but then you miss out on the amazing views! 


La Fontelina does cost a pretty penny and manages to fill up fast, so make sure to get there early. Or make a reservation the day prior. Generally, if you don't have a reservation, you won't get a chair. 


The time that wasn't spent by the water was used to eat our way through Capri. No regrets. 

 Some restaurant recommendations: D'Amore, Da Paolino Lemontrees, La Fontelina.  

This is at Da Paolino, where the dining room is under a sea of lemon trees. 

This is at Da Paolino, where the dining room is under a sea of lemon trees. 

& like I said, stick to seafood/veggies/fruits. 

Now, on to the beauty of Capri. Seriously, check out my... 


With all of the lookout points on the island, you won't be disappointed. Don't feel the need to visit specific ones, just bump into them as you explore!

If you have some time, spend a few hours walking around to check out the pretty shops & boutiques.  Since I'm currently living in Berlin and I need sandals for maybe 2 weeks out of the year, I didn't pick up a pair of Capri sandals. However, if you're in search of a souvenir/live by the beach/live in sandals, definitely look into getting yourself a pair! 

On my last day in Capri, we rented a boat for the day and stopped in Nerano and Positano. Both are beautiful beach towns to be admired from the sea. You can rent your own boat that will take you along the coast or to wherever you're interested in going. If you do end up in Nerano, have some lunch at Ristorante Maria Grazia!

At the end of our boat tour, we attempted to visit the Blue Grotto but the sea was not on our side. This means the Blue Grotto is still on my Travel Bucket List. Guess I'll just have to go back to Capri next year! Huge bummer!


If you're looking for a big night out, grab a few drinks in the Piazza to get your night started. Want to dance the night away? Then go to clubs Number 1 or Number 2. Easy as that.