Exploring San Francisco with ShowAround (Sponsored)

While this wasn't my first trip to San Francisco, this was my first time sight-seeing around the city. I had no idea where to begin, so I teamed up with ShowAround, an app that connects you with locals in any city around the world, for a chance to see the city from a local's perspective. I wanted to hit some of the most classic sights in San Fran, which is exactly what we did on an unusually hot and sunny November afternoon. Cue Scott McKenzie's "San Francisco"...

We began the tour with a stroll around the eccentric but lovely Golden Gate Park, where the trees go on for miles and the crowd is, well, let's just say colorful. After indulging in some of the 'entertainment,' we found ourselves at the very beginning of the famed Haight Street. 

Haight Street is known for it's groovy vintage and second hand shops, along with cool cafes and hippy hangouts. We definitely spent a good deal of our time popping in and out of the shops near Haight & Ashbury.  

Our next stop was the Painted Ladies, where I'll embarrassingly admit, I wanted to see solely because I might of had a slight obsession with Full House...regardless, it was a good photo op! 

After seeing the ladies, we parted ways with our tour guide, but she recommended we stop at Baker Beach for one last photo. Even though the beach itself is a bit dull, we were able to get some amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge, sin crowd. We practically had the beach all to ourselves and found it to be a really cool spot to see the Bridge.

We were so happy with everything we saw around SF and even more happy with the freedom we had to design a tour catered to our interests. Thank you Shannon and ShowAround for showing us around San Fran!