• Priority #1: RENT A SCOOTER. Or a car/bike/boat...whatever will get you around the island.  
  • Take a day trip to Formentera. As if the water could not get more gorgeous! 
  • Spend an afternoon soaking up the sun on the cliffs of Cala Comte. Don't stop there though! Just a short walk further is Cala Escondida, a locals only spot. Have a maracuya margarita and some snacks at the little Dutchie beach bar -- it's the perfect spot for sunset! 
  • Walk just past Cala Salada to Cala Saladeta. You're welcome! 


  • Think of Ibiza as just a party island. For the more mellow travellers, you will find it can be quite relaxing!  
  • Party in Sant Antoni. It's filled with offensive Irish/English people that will give you a horrible image of nightlife in Ibiza. 

The young, the wealthy, the beautiful. People from all corners of the world flock to the Balearics every year to experience what awaits on the luxurious and overcrowded shores of Ibiza. To put it simply, Ibiza radiates sex and summer in the most tasteful and irresistible way possible. 

Even if you aren't a fan of hitting the clubs and dancing until sunrise, Ibiza offers something for everyone as it's also a place of wellness and seclusion. Renting a vespa is a must! -- it's the best way to explore the island and find the best beaches. Make an effort to see some of the photo worthy Calas around the island, and if you're here during season (July-Sept.), make sure to arrive sometime in the early morning to secure a spot on the sand. Trust me it's worth it! (you can sleep off your night at the beach). Whether you're looking for amazing nightlife or exhilarating daytime adventures, you're bound to fall in love with the romantic sun-kissed shores of Ibiza. 

My suggestion: go pre or post season to avoid spending your entire life savings. Unless of course, you've dedicated your life savings to an Ibiza fund...then go crazy $$$$