Jupiter, FL with Showaround

Any day that starts off with an açai bowl for breakfast is automatically going to be a good day. One sunny Sunday morning, I organized a tour through Showaround to meet up with a cool SoFlo local named Sarah, who brought me to the best spots around Jupiter. Even though I live just 30-40 minutes south of the area, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I had heard Jupiter is a great place to kick back, relax and enjoy the view, but I didn't realize how pristine and laid-back it would actually be. I definitely don't want to spoil this town, but I think Jupiter is one of South Florida's best kept secrets and after a morning with Sarah, I definitely found my new favorite beach along the coast. 

Now back to the açai. We stopped at Rock Steady Juice Joint, where they took maybe 5 minutes to make a glorious açai bowl that we took to-go and I shortly devoured in the car. After crossing a series of several bridges (there are a lot of bridges here), we made it to beach #1: Coral Cove Park. Here we walked along a mini sidewalk that takes you through a forest of mangroves and back along the beach. I was pretty content staying here, but thankfully Sarah led me back to the car because beach #2 was the highlight of my day, and also just down the road.

Beach #2: Blowing Rocks. If you're looking for a picture perfect postcard beach, where you can sit on a chair with almost no one around, go here. But go early! There are multiple walkways you can choose from that bring you along the beach or through dense mangrove passageways. We spent the majority of our time here because I wanted to walk in every direction possible and could not get over how perfect the day was. 

Across the street on the opposite side of the beaches is a much nicer version of an inlet protected by a strip of land, where you'll find a bunch of people kayaking, paddle boarding or just drifting along on their boat, as the water is really calm and great for cruisey water activities. This was the last stop on the tour, but another gem in the area. Already looking forward to my next beach day in Jupiter!


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