• Walk around Barrio Alto, the most photographed area of the city. It may look run down and seedy at parts, but it's completely harmless and where you'll get your classic postcard shots. 
  • Eat and drink at Estrela da Bica, a hip and cozy restaurant with great Portuguese food. You'll need a reservation.
  • Get a snack/lunch/dinner at the Timeout Market. Yes, it's pricey, but the food selections and environment make it worth the $$. 
  • Go to Feel Rio for authentic Brazilian açai and pastries. 
  • Have a big night out on the diverse and vibrant Rua Nova do Carvalho aka Pink Streeta former Red Light District area now lined with bars and memorabilia from more lustful times. 
  • Grab a glass of vino verde (or a cocktail) at the best rooftop in Lisbon, PARKa rooftop car park turned posh bar, overlooking the entire city. Be there for sunset!
  • Take day trips along the coast. Belém, Cascais, Sintra are some noteworthy afternoon getaways. (If you go to Cascais, walk past the main beach and towards the Santa Marta Lighthouse for access to a relaxed rock cove.) 
  • Check out the world renowned surf spot of Peniche.
  • Tour the city of Lisbon on Tram 28.
  • Walk up to the São Jorge Castle for beautiful views of the historic center of Lisbon, Alfama and the Tagus River. 
  • If you're brave or enjoy sampling the local delicacies, try a tin of sardines. 


  • Eat at Portas de Santo Antão Street. Would you eat in the middle of your city center and expect to find quality or price? 


If San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro met on holiday in Hamburg, hooked up and had a baby, it would be Lisbon. As if the seemingly cloned Golden Gate Bridge and Christ the Redeemer statue weren't indicators of your soon to be San Fran/Rio nostalgia, the bustling trams, hilly streets, great weather and picture perfect good looks will teleport you to a new, yet, familiar place where your urge to explore will be ignited. And don't get me wrong... just because Lisbon does have some of the same features as it's 'parents,' does not mean it isn't worth a visit. This city has a charming and romantic personality of it's own, making it a noteworthy stop and a must see European capital.