An Afternoon in Salzburg



  • Experience both the New City (Neustadt) & the Old City (Altstadt)
  • Admire the thousands of love locks along the Makarsteg.
  • Walk up to the Hohensalburg Castle for amazing views of Salzburg.
  • Check out Mozart's Birthplace in Getreidgasse.
  • Take a stroll through the majestic Mirabellgarten
  • Try a Mozartkuge (Mozart Ball)!


  • Get sucked into overpriced tourist traps, especially in the Old City. 

An afternoon pitstop in Salzburg is just enough to leave you feeling enchanted. There's just something about it. While my stay was short, there were 5 things I absolutely loved about this little city. 



From the small, quaint streets and ornate shop signs of the New City (Neustadt) to the baroque architecture of the Old (Altstadt), you'll definitely want to experience both sides of Salzburg. The architecture of the Old City is so pristine, it's actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site! 



The colour coordination of Salzburg is unlike anything I've seen before. The light neutrals of each building combined with the dark grey and turquoise roofs creates such a stunning contrast, you'll be in awe! 



The Makarsteg bridge leading into the Old Town is COVERED in love locks! This display has turned a seemingly dull and average bridge into a colourful array of affection. Even if you're anti-relationship or emotionless, the sea of locks on the bridge is without a doubt a sight to see.   



Photo Aug 21, 12 50 52.jpg

With views of the Eastern Alps, not to mention the perfectly manicured parks and gardens, it's easy to see why Salzburg is a pleasant place to be. A hike up to the Hohensalburg Castle provides a perfect spot to admire the greenery surrounding the city.  



As the birthplace of Mozart and the setting for The Sound of Music, Salzburg has turned into a hub for classical music events. If you don't get the urge to prance around the Mirabellgarten listening to a Mozart playlist on Spotify, then you're doing something wrong.