Life on the Moon - San Pedro de Atacama


  • Explore the caves and canyons of Valle de la Luna
  • Star gaze. Even if you don't go on a astrological tour, just sit outside and enjoy the view.
  • Wander the dusty red roads of San Pedro.


  • Forget to drink lots of water to avoid altitude sickness and dehydration. The days are hot and the altitude is high. 

There's something special about San Pedro de Atacama. With it's vintage wild west vibe, Spanish colonial architecture, and dusty red dirt roads, this remote sleepy town is an oasis in the middle of the desert. But don't let it's tranquil atmosphere fool you; the surrounding area attracts adventure seekers from all over the globe.

My favourite part of San Pedro was Valle de la Luna. We took a 4-hour tour from San Pedro, where we were able to see unique rock formations, pink and orange streaked mountains and a striking sunset. If you're feeling super adventurous, biking to the valley from San Pedro is also an option; however, based on the facial expressions of the people biking along the rocky dirt road, they did not seem to be enjoying themselves. 

While on the tour, the guide will inform you about the history of this area along with the minerals that make up the landscape. You're also given the opportunity to explore the valley for yourself. Wandering around the caves and canyons will truly make you feel as though you've taken a wrong turn and ended up on the moon. Not to mention the colourful sunset you'll see here is out of this world. 

After the tour, we enjoyed a great dinner at La Delicias de Carmen, where they serve authentic Chilean cuisine. We eventually decided to opt out of a star excursion to simply star gaze on our own. You'll be astonished by the thousands of tiny sparkling specks you can see all over the night sky. With a bottle of red wine in hand and a bonfire by my side, I would say I had the best seat in the house.  

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