• Rooftop hangs at the EME Catedral Hotel. Have a drink or a tapa and enjoy some of the best views of Seville. 
  • Get a little slice of the tropics at Milk Away, where you can add any fruit imaginable to your breakfast smoothie. Plus they have açai bowls for 4-5€ - enough said.  
  • Get lost strolling around the gardens and grounds of the heavenly Alcázar.
  • Eat all the tapas you can!! Walk along Calle Alvarez Quintero for a good selection of tapas bars. I recommend trying the spinach & garbanzo bean dish, a specialty to the region!   
  • Spend an afternoon relaxing by the river. There's even a posh little food market worth visiting called Mercado Lonja del Barranco
  • Also by the river, Puro E Bio - they have vegan ice cream! 


  • Go in the dead of summer (July). It can be uncomfortably hot, with temperatures reaching 40°C/104°F +

  • Come here looking for clubs. 

  • Take a taxi anywhere (unless you're 5km outside of the city center). Sevilla is extremely small, flat and walkable. 

  • Go to a mainstream flamenco show. 


An intimate little Andalusian city with antique Moorish architecture, beautiful boutique hotels, sexy rooftop bars, and countless tapas restaurants who's patios line the romantic cobblestone streets. Sevilla is THE place to immerse yourself in Spanish culture and indulge in the delicious traditional cuisine. As soon as you step outside, you'll be greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere and captivated by the colourful buildings and intricate wooden doors (I may or may not have been a little obsessed with the doors...). Don't be afraid to get lost as the city is manageable and relatively small. There's even the stunning gothic Seville Cathedral, which is an excellent reference point. The city itself manages a happy medium between being sleepy yet buzzing, relaxing the mind and nourishing the soul. Pair this with the fact that Seville is one of the cheapest European destinations, and you'll find it's an ideal weekend getaway that you won't have to think twice about booking. Did I mention I was obsessed with the doors?...