The French West Indies - St. Barth's



  • Look through the one of a kind boutiques in Gustavia.
  • Eat, eat, eat!! Everything!
  • Take a hike to the secluded Anse de Colombier Beach (or hire a boat to get to it). 
  • Spend a day at the beautiful St. Jean Beach
  • Check out a surf competion at Lorient Beach
  • Surf Anse de Cayes
  • Paddle board around the Grand Cul de Sac
  • Visit the natural rock pools of Toiny Coast.
  • Spend a Sunday afternoon at Nikki Beach.
  • Enjoy a lunch at Eden Rock.
  • Eat dinner at Bonito in Gustavia. 



  • Expect not to spend a pretty penny while you're here.
  • Spend thousands of dollars on the pearls. It's a tourist trap. 


I can't even begin to explain the beauty and relaxation St. Barth's provides for it's guests. How have I not taken advantage of the fact that I've lived in FL and this paradise is basically in my backyard??? 

The honeymoon with my friend continued as we arrive at our hotel at Le Sereno. Staying here is not real life. First off, everything is right on the beach. Whether you're just waking up, going for some lunch, or hanging out by the pool, the view is spectacular. 

The first day was spent paddle boarding around the Grand Cul de Sac which is the bay area Le Sereno looks out to and becoming acquainted with the property's cat. Don't forget your snorkel and mask while you're here. Not only is there great snorkeling in the bay, but when you're in the pool, Le Sereno has managed to have music playing underwater for your enjoyment. 


You could find me in the Grand Cul de Sac every day, so I won't even repeat myself with my monogamous routine. What was different about the next day was lunch at Nikki Beach. Talk about being surrounded by the rich and famous. I'm definitely neither, but it was fun to get on top of a table and dance our hearts out. Make sure to reserve a table for a Sunday afternoon.


Since lunch is my favourite meal, I'm going to fast forward to another great lunch spot: Eden Rock. Total opposite of what you'd find at Nikki Beach, but in a good way. It's relaxing atmosphere and outdoor dining room are incredibly inviting.


After Eden Rock, we eventually made our way to Gustavia to check out what the boutique talk of St. Barth's was all about. Bright beach cover ups and pearls everywhere. This is the trademark look here. If you don't leave with something that has a pearl on it, you've done something wrong. Do not fall for the crazy overpriced pearls at some of the main shops in Gustavia. Walk the streets a bit and you'll find that there are plenty of little shops that sell the same pearls for a fraction of the price. Or be totally fashionable prior to your arrival in St. Barth's and buy some beautifully made pearls from Perle by Lola. We spent our time walking the tiny romantic streets of Gustavia until it was dinner time. 

For dinner we went to a restaurant called Bonito. I personally think it's an absolute must. The food is fantastic!! I ordered Mahi Mahi (I think I ate all the Mahi Mahi on the island between all of my meals) and it came with coconut rice, mango salsa, and tostones. Brought me right back to Central America.

On our final day, we bid St. Barth's farewell with a fruit filled breakfast and a casual champagne shower on the beach. However, I could not let champagne be the last substance to touch my skin, so of course I swam around the bay until I absolutely had to come out (unwillingly). 


Even though this is one of the most posh vacations I've probably ever been on, it was really the simple things that kept me in awe. While food and pearls are cool and all, my eyes were always on this: