Fields of Gold

Where exactly are the world's best sunflower fields? Sure sunflowers can be found in many different places, but would you rather see this:

Or this:

My philosophy: Go big or don't go. After some research, here's my list of the top 4 sunflower fields I would love to frolic through. 


1. Tuscany 



You're in the countryside. In Tuscany. Need I say more? This field is near Leonina. 

Best time to go: Depending on the weather, these fields bloom anywhere from late June to early August. 

For more info on these fields check out:

2. North Dakota



Never have I ever had any desire to go to this state. Until now. Kansas may be known as the 'Sunflower State' but as the leading producer of sunflowers in the U.S., North Dakota has got it going on. 

And they have the fields to prove it. Check out this blog post to see where in ND you should go to find these fields:

Best time to go: August

3. Between the Lopburi and Saraburi provinces, Thailand. 



There are a lot of fields between the two provinces with some amazing backdrops!

Best time to go: Supposedly the flowers bloom anywhere from late November to January.

4. Andalusia, Spain 



Driving near Seville or Córdoba, it seems as though you will stumble upon fields like this one if your timing is on point. 

Best time to go: July

Check out:


Any noteworthy sunflower fields not on this list? Or know more about these fields? Feel free to leave a comment below!