Sweden - Stockholm & Gothenburg

By now I'm sure you guys know how I feel about the cold in general. Not a fan. So when my friends asked if I wanted to tag along on their trip to Sweden I wasn't exactly jumping up and down. Scandinavia in early May? Isn't it snowing?

But I went because... well, why not? I must admit I was VERY pleasantly surprised. 

First off, Stockholm your beautiful. The city, the people, the food. Everything. My newfound Berliner hobo homeless look was not the rage here as everyone is so put together and lovely, but I didn't care because the sun was shining!! We really lucked out with the weather and even got to see the cherry blossoms in the city, which we completely stumbled upon by accident. I was in my happy place basking in the sun and snacking on one of the many chocolate balls I would be purchasing, since they're practically in every cafe. 

TIPS: Explore Gamla Stan, check out the Royal Palace, eat at Marie Laveau, and if it's rainy, tour the metro stops as each one is it's own unique masterpiece! 

Next, we took a train to Gothenburg to visit one of our dearest friends who we met in Central America. This is another cute city with so many young people. Again, we really lucked out with the weather and took advantage of it by catching the ferry to the islands.

TIPS: Grab a coffee or juice at Bar Foxx, walk around the shops in the city center, have a nap in the grass at Kungsparken, take an afternoon ferry ride to the archipelago, or if it's a really nice day, take a stroll around Slottsskogen, where there's a free zoo and several mini lakes. Oh and don't forget to have a night out at Yaki-da! 

Even though I was only here for a week, my trip to Sweden was a great reminder that you discover the best things when you step outside of your comfort zone! 

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