Taghazout - Morocco's Supreme Surf Destination

A little laid-back coastal oasis surrounded by an arid desert landscape, Taghazout is well-known for it's boho vibe and numerous nearby surf breaks. After a day in this former fishing village, you will be willingly sucked into becoming a part of the dominating surf culture, regardless of whether or not you've surfed a day in your life. Consisting mainly of fruit stands and guest houses, Taghazout is the perfect place to base yourself and discover the best surf spots Morocco has to offer. The Taghazout map is definitely in the midst of a facelift, as more and more surf houses are popping up in every direction to accommodate the influx of tourists that visit the town each year; however, you'll quickly learn your way around and become well acquainted with both the locals and travelers. October through April is high season, where the village is practically overrun with tourists due to it's year-round sunshine, warm temperatures, and cheap flights from Europe. It's even a great getaway from the chaos of Marrakech. 

For a place that has everything from gorgeous rooftops, delicious dinners, surf rentals, yoga and more, Surf Berbere is the only place to stay. There's quite the selection of rooms whether you prefer private apartments or dorm-style beds, all including an amazing view of the water. If you're new to the surf scene and need some lessons, or you're just looking to catch a lift to the breaks, the staff will go above and beyond to get you to where you need to be, all while making you feel right at home in Taghazout. 

Getting here: Located just 19km north of Agadir, you can either fly into Agadir or take a 4hr bus from Marrakech. From Agadir you'll have to catch a taxi to Taghazout, which is a very common route for all taxi services. 

Side Note: Another popular day trip from Taghazout is Paradise Valley. I'm not sure if it was the time of year I visited or the minimal amount of rainfall the area had seen at the time, but I was not impressed by the valley. It was rather dirty and there was graffiti everywhere. When looking at photos, keep in mind that editing and saturation go a long way, and things aren't always what they seem on Instagram! If you're still dying to go, I'd suggest making Paradise Valley an addition to your trip but not a main attraction.