Know Before You Go - Visas and Borders

There's nothing worse than arriving at a border crossing and realizing you have no cash to pay the entry/exit fee. Or more importantly that you need a visa to enter the country. 

These fees and visa rates vary depending upon where you are from. Most practice a reciprocity fee, meaning if your home country requires people from country x to pay in order to enter, then you will have to pay to enter country x.

U.S. citizens be prepared. 

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Know the exchange rate to avoid getting ripped off. Download the XE currency app to your phone and make sure to check it before heading to the border. 


Try not to exchange your money at borders. If you absolutely have to change money, exchange a small amount at the border then wait to exchange the rest at your main destination. You'll minimize the possibility of a bad exchange this way. 

Always have enough cash on you to leave/enter. Use my links at the bottom of this post to figure out exit/entry fees for each country. 

Avoid help from people who are not official police. Sometimes you even have to be cautious when it comes to police in certain countries. Sadly, no one is trying to look out for your best interest or help you with your things and most people are just trying to scam you to make some money. 

Border crossings or attaining a visa can be hectic at times, but always remember: Once you're in, it's worth it. 


U.S. citizens: Click HERE for an interactive map of border and visa fees. When it comes to places like Central America, it includes unofficial border fees for all travelers.

For visa requirements by country for all nationalities click HERE. 

For country specifics such as vaccination requirements, local laws, and health & safety visit U.S. Department of State